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Monday, January 23, 2017

Soup Recipes - How to Cook Soup

Soup Recipes


Everyone knows that health and good digestion essentials to eat every day. However, how to cook delicious soup correctly and know not all. There are many kinds of soups, which are prepared according to different recipes with different ingredients. However, they all have a certain number of useful tips following which you can prepare a real culinary masterpiece.

Let’s look at the basic rules of soup:

To the stock was the most nourishing and fragrant, it is best to use a meat with bone. It may be pork knuckle or shoulder, beef (back, shoulder), mushrooms, poultry (chicken or turkey) or fish (a choice pike, perch, sardines and under.).

If you want to broth was clear and pleasant to the taste, it is necessary after boiling over high heat to turn down his small, avoiding rapid boil.

To all of the vegetables, and other ingredients to the end of cooking soup were fully prepared, it is necessary to add them to the soup considering how they are cooked. For the longest pre-soaked beans cooked (50 – 60 min.). The following is soaked peas and barley – during their preparation is 40 – 45 minutes. Rice boiled for half an hour, and noodles to the degree of readiness comes in 20 – 25 minutes. In order to cook cabbage need about 20 minutes – 30, and to be sufficiently cauliflower and 20 minutes. Turnips and pickles boiled 15 – 20 minutes, potatoes and noodles – 12 – 15 min., And passaged onions and carrots, as well as braised beets will be ready in 10 – 12 minutes. To cook spinach until tender, it is necessary only 8 – 10 min., And for quite sorrel and 5 – 7 minutes. Least of all the time you need to cook the tomatoes – just 5 minutes.

If you cook soup, the fewer ingredients you use, the more expressive and pleasant taste of the soup is. Taking only 2 – 3 components, you get a great taste of the dish.

Salt soups, too, must correctly. Thus, fish soup, mushroom like, salt at the beginning of preparation, whereas in the meat salt is added only when ready to all vegetables. As for spices, it is not dependent on the type of soup are added in 3 – 5 minutes before end of cooking.

To make the soup was a rich and delicious, before eating it, you should wait about 15 minutes – 20
before infusion.

As for the dishes, it is best to cook soup in a clay or, at worst, enamelware, but not in the metal.
While soup is necessary to strictly observe a balanced ratio of water and other ingredients.

During cooking the soup is best to try as often as possible, to the extent necessary to eliminate immediately any deficiencies.

If you are cooking a vegetarian, fish or mushroom soup, the vegetables are better for them pre-fried in margarine or butter (butter, vegetable). However, dairy soups must be used exclusively butter.
When cooking soup from canned fish they need to add 10 – 15 minutes before end of cooking.

It is recommended to cook soup in such quantities that it did not last longer than one day. Since only the first day of the soup more tasty and healthy. After standing in the refrigerator for its taste qualities deteriorate sharply, and the longer it is there, the worse.

Thus, we examined the basic rules of soups, using which you will obtain an incredibly tasty and healthy dishes first. Learn to cook a variety of soups, and you and your family will always be healthy and well-fed!

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