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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Salad Goat in the Garden Recipe

Salad Goat in the Garden Recipe
Salad Goat in the Garden Recipe

Ingredients for the Salad Goat in the Garden Recipe:

1. 200 grams of lean ham
2. Cabbage 300 grams
3. Cucumber 2-3 pieces
4. Pepper 2 pieces
5. Tomatoes 2-3 pieces
6. For the filling: 200 grams of sour cream,
7. 100 grams of mayonnaise,
8. dill,
9. fresh parsley

How to Prepare Salad Goat in the Garden Recipe:

Cut the ham long strips.
Rinse thoroughly and dry cabbage and chop finely.
Clean the peppers from the tails and the seeds and cut into fine strips.
Wash and clean from the tails cucumber, cut into strips.
Washed tomatoes cut into thin slices.
To prepare the filling mix chopped greens, mayonnaise and sour cream.
Serve the salad must be laying on a flat salad bowl all the ingredients so that they were in a circle - ham, cabbage, pepper, cucumber, tomato.

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