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Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Cook Chanterelle Mushroom

Chanterelle Mushroom Recipes

chanterelle mushroom risotto, chanterelle mushrooms
Chanterelle Mushroom

Recipe of Chanterelle Mushroom Properties and How to Prepare:

Many pickers from July-month and almost to the end of autumn, purposefully go to the forest to gather chanterelles. These yellow-orange mushroom representatives of the family, its color resembling fox fur are very common mushrooms. They grow in the coniferous and mixed forests in large groups. Especially plentiful harvest fungi chanterelle on a rainy summer. Appearance chanterelles so unusual that confuse it with other mushrooms is impossible. The shape of the mushroom cap is somewhat reminiscent of the small size of the funnel or placed umbrella. Foot chanterelles almost merges with the hat, is small in size, the same color, sometimes a lighter shade.

Chanterelles, recipes and features of this wonderful gift of the forest is known to many fans of the "silent hunting." These beneficial fungi practically touching worms, various insects. It has the ability to destroy the shell eggs tapeworms, worms, beetles and other pests. Of course, mushrooms, chanterelles cannot be used as an anthelmintic, as the substance retains its unique properties only in its original form and loses them at any heat treatment.

Very useful chanterelles to normalize the functioning of pancreatic cells, and antibiotic compounds in these mushrooms have the ability to inhibit the growth of the tubercle bacillus. An infusion made on the basis of chanterelles, used to treat abscesses, boils, sore throats. Proved that chanterelles do not absorb from the soil, radioactive substances, but rather promote excretion of radionuclides. And recently, medical scientists even opened the anticancer properties of these fungi. Beneficial effect chanterelles and vision, help fight many diseases of the eye.

Of course, chanterelles are edible mushrooms. Cook them without boiling. They can be used in any way, chanterelles fried, pickled, boiled, salted, dried, frozen. Considering chanterelles, recipes and properties, it should be noted that these forest products in the most delicious fried. When frying, you must first be evaporated from chanterelles moisture, then add to the pan with chopped onions. Cooked mushrooms are exceptionally good with new potatoes. Fried chanterelles so tasty that, as they say, "will not tear off the ears."

Chanterelles in the egg-cream sauce (Chanterelle Mushroom)

Wonderful dish - chanterelles in egg-cream sauce. To make it, you must take 150 grams of mushrooms, chanterelles, one onion, parsley, 2 eggs, a tablespoon of sour cream, butter, 3 tablespoons of cream, a teaspoon of starch, salt and pepper to taste. Mushrooms cut, sliced ​​onion rings, crushed parsley, leaving a small part for decoration. In melted butter spread onion, chanterelles, parsley, stir fry a few minutes with the lid closed. Separately mix eggs, cream, sour cream, starch, pepper, salt. The obtained mixture was combined with mushrooms. Uncovered, the pan put in the oven (oven) for half an hour, and then a few minutes left at the fire off. Serve with potatoes or rice.

Chanterelle salad and cherry tomatoes - Chanterelle Mushroom Recipe

If you take 250 grams of fried chanterelles and cherry tomatoes, chop and add to them a red onion, a little garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, olive oil, lemon juice, you get a delicious salad. This dish will impress any gourmet.

Different ways of cooking mushrooms, chanterelles set. If you wish, you can always find interesting recipes in various cookbooks, or make your own collection of recipes in which the main ingredient is chanterelles. If possible, try to stock up on these wonderful mushrooms.

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