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Monday, September 15, 2014

Recipe: Jellied Cake with Green Onion And Egg.

Jellied Cake Recipe

Jellied Cake with Green Onion And Egg Recipe
Jellied Cake

Ingredients for Jellied Cake:

Sour cream - 350 grams
Butter - 150 grams
Flour - 280 - 300 grams
Chicken eggs - 6 pieces
Baking powder - 1.5 grams
Salt - 1/2 grams
Green onion - beam

Cooking Method of Jellied Cake:

1 First of all prepare the all ingredients for the bread and filling. Sour cream filler test can be replaced with natural yoghurt or kefir.

2 Boil 4 eggs, cool, peel and chop for the filling.

3 green onions (it should be a lot), wash, dry, finely chopped, salt to taste. You can add a little black pepper too.

4 The eggs and chopped mix in a bowl and green onions. Now your ingredients are ready for filling.

5 Knead the dough: add in sour cream, salt, sugar. And mix well.

6 Melt the butter. Beat the eggs (2 pieces.)

7 Add sour cream melted butter and compressed the eggs alternately.

8. Add flour, disintegrate and pour it into the liquid. Mix it until smooth.

9 You should get a mass, like a thick porridge.

10 baking dish greased piece of butter. You can sprinkle the bottom with breadcrumbs.

11 Pour into a form slightly more than half of the test.

12 To with the filling of onions and eggs very carefully.

Top 13 residues pour dough, gently spreading it over the entire surface of the cake.

14 Put the cake in a preheated 200 degree oven. Bake for about 35 mints, until cake becomes golden brown.

15 Give the cake to cool to warm state, covered with a clean towel, and then lay it on a smooth plate.

16 Cut the cake into portions.

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