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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cupcake with Asparagus Recipe

How to Cook Cupcake with Asparagus

Recipe Cupcake with Asparagus
Cupcake with Asparagus

For the recipe of Cupcake with Asparagus you will need:

Butter 23 cup
Sugar 1 13 cups
Soda 1 tsp
Salt 12 tsp
Asparagus (mashed) 12 cup
Chocolate 3 tiles
Vanilla 1.5 tsp
Flour 1 34 cups
Eggs 3 pcs.
Yogurt 12 cup

To prepare Cupcake with asparagus should

Rub the butter with the sugar. Mix the puree of asparagus with melted chocolate and vanilla. Sift flour, add baking soda. In flour pour yogurt, stir, and add the oil mixture. Cake pan grease, fill the dough and bake at 170c for about 35 minutes. Ready to leave the cake in the form of 10 minutes after the shift to the lattice. On request, you can pour the finished cake with chocolate icing.

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